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NSA has one objective in mind: To help bring businesses closer to their goals. We understand that some functions require great expertise and having it in house is not always the best choice. Our outsourcing services can facilitate your day-to-day administrative and secretarial needs. We offer services and solutions for streamlining your everyday activities from accounting and bookkeeping procedures to payroll services, so that you can focus on the other more important aspects of your business while knowing that each one the executive services are being taken care of.

Firstly, if you are a new company or one which requires to report as per company law compliance requests, having a full time Company Secretary can be a very heavy Cash Drain. Our expert teams of qualified company secretaries take care of all functions that are integral to your organisation. They will take care of everything from taking down the minutes to filing it and ensuring that you never fail on any compliance.

Managing payrolls requires great expertise. However, it can also tend to become a very repetitive function. Thus, to ensure that your integral resources are not occupied doing the routine work, we provide you with superior quality payroll services. Our services range from end-to-end payroll accounting to tax administration and reporting services. Outsourcing payroll services has helped organisations reduce operating costs by up to 50%.

We also offer bookkeeping and accountancy services. Our team of experts can offer better quality at a much lower cost. Their expertise helps you use all of these accounted data for the purposes of accounting, taxation and taking management decisions. Our dedicated teams cover the entire scope of bookkeeping while at the same time also providing you with the option to choose specific services that you require.

Accounting & Finance Services
Solutions Offered:
  • Outsourcing Assignment For International Clients On Payroll Structure

  • Company Formation & Company Law Compliances

  • Preparing Accounting & Operational Manual

  • Contingency Planning For Disaster Recovery

  • Business Recovery & Incident Response Plans

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No matter what service you outsource to us, we keep only one principle in mind: To work as though we are a real part of your organisation. We wish to function as your back-office where you can conveniently reach out for any help that you would require. We wish to take care of everything from set-up, maintenance, support and consultancy.

Outsourcing Assignment For International Clients On Payroll Structure
Company Formation & Company Law Compliances
Preparing Accounting & Operational Manuals
Contingency Planning For Business Disaster Recovery & Incident Response Plans

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