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Whether you are a startup that is comparatively new, or a well established business or trying to expand to new territories, the challenges facing business about its outreach, growth, acceptance in the areas of business can be quite a task. It is the effective management of all of these challenges that triggers success.

Evaluating everything, from the clerics to the top management with a microscopic view, NSA offers a full review of your business effectiveness to ensure that you are operating at your optimal performance. From here, we will tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

These services may range from advising on procedures for streamlining business processes, improving productivity and developing detailed strategies and plans for expanding into new countries or new businesses.

We also understand that businesses are often constrained with the type and amount of resources available. This can often limit them from carrying their business and account management functions efficiently and effectively. As a business consultant and advisor we also step into the role of providing you with various outsourced services including, but not limited to book-keeping, payroll processing, management reporting, budgeting & forecasting, and additional onsite support as required.

Businesses are a game of risk. It is all about making calculated decisions and placing the right bets. The risks you take and the success it delivers is the value addition to your stakeholders. From global banking crises to cybercrimes, we believe in proactive measures for everything.

Valuation of companies, brands and trade businesses is essential when it comes to mergers and takeovers. We bring in our expertise and do the market research as well as the required due diligence to help you ascertain the market value of the aforesaid assets.

Be it an M&A or a turnaround strategy, some restructuring can do wonders. Our team works and coordinates with the company directors, its financial institutions, as well as venture capitalists to provide practical corporate restructuring advice that is designed for your specific needs. NSA has a history of cutting edge restructuring that has not only resulted in great profits but also extensive cost cutting.

Types of Consultancy Services
  • Assessing & Implementing Comprehensive Business Solutions
  • Advising On Strategies To Enhance Shareholders Value
  • Reduce Risk & Cost
  • Services On Mergers & Acquisitions & Advisory Transaction Report
  • Valuation Of Companies
  • Trade Businesses, Brands
  • International Corporate Structuring

Business Consultancy Optimized

We strongly believe that no matter what service we provide, it fosters your business in the short, medium as well as the long term. What differentiates us from our partners is our style of working. We believe in stepping into your shoes and taking a deep understanding of all your challenges. It is then that we bring in various experts from within our team and outside to ideate solutions that address all concerns.

Assessing & Implementing Comprehensive Business Solutions
Advice On Strategies To Enhance Shareholder's Value, Risk & Cost Reduction
Services On Mergers/Acquisitions & Advisory Transaction Report
Valuation of Companies, Trade of Businesses & Brands
International Corporate Structuring

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