Logistics have been a very integral part of trade in human civilisation.

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We at Nipun Sudhir Associates (NSA) have a dedicated team of professionals have a deep understanding of the logistics sector and have been associated with some of the pioneers for more than 20 years.

Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarding can be a very demanding job expecting a company to be very well equipped with documentation and record-keeping.

Global Shipping Lines

Having global shipping lines would mean interacting with ports from multiple countries and thus compliance requirements with many different laws.

Custom Clearing Agents

Custom Clearing Agents needs to have clear recording of its client’s invoices and ensuring that nothing is overstated in the accounts.



Due to their nature of work, ports need to deal with firms registered across the world. We help such ports with filing their returns and auditing their reports.


Pan India Transporters

Pan India transporters are also required to comply with multiple state laws and often fall into legal disputes in terms of local taxes. We help firms mitigate such risks.


Warehouses are the nerve of the entire logistics system. We help warehouses document and maintain their records.

Container Freight Station

It is of crucial importance to help and assist Container Freight Stations to deal with their multi-origin clients. We take care of their entire accounting & financial workflow to help htme work flawlessly.

Project Logistic Providers

Project-based service providers need to report their accounts according to each project. We at NSA guide our firms to follow practices that keep their best interests in mind.

Project Logistics


In this field, there is a very chance of fiddling of accounts at the micro-levels where the courier companies operate. We help such companies by employing stringent internal auditing practices.

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As the world becomes a single economy, logistics form an extremely huge part of how we trade. Thus, it is no surprise that logistic companies have become larger than the ships and flights they own.

As logistic companies often cater to multiple businesses from diverse backgrounds and origins, they are also subject to complex laws. These laws if not adhered to can often result in misrepresentation.

Similarly, due to their transactions with companies with varying tax Logistic companies, thus, are subject to various laws from multiple countries: taxation and compliance.

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Most of our clients are multinationals. We assist them with assurance services such as statutory audit, internal audit, management audit, management drive IFC testing, risk audit, concurrent audit, etc as well as tax advisory and tax representation, equity advisory services, accounting services and strategic management consultancy services.

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Company income subject to tax is often determined much like taxable income.

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