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What Makes NSA so Different?

Nipun Sudhir Associates is a accounting and finance consulting business formed in 2005. Today, we’re proud to boast a strong team of experts who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your financial problems and meeting your business needs.

Sense of Security & Privacy
Sense of Security & Privacy

We handle our customers’ data and secure their information to meet the client's needs. We assure customers that their data is safe by demonstrating the technology in place and maintaining privacy in business.

Qualification & Experience
Qualification & Experience

Our stringent hiring process is focused on the industry knowledge and practices for accounting & financial practices. We have 12+ CAs who bring specialised experience to handle varied financial issues.

Clarity & Transperancy
Clarity & Transperancy

We meet the standards of clarity and transparency in business communication. This further comes down to trust. As a business, we keep top priority to win the trust of your customers.

Identity, Thoughts &

Our Mission

NSACAS exists to provide high-expertise, affordable accounting & financial solutions and to improve the financial health of our businesses and the ventures we serve.

Our Drive and Vision.
The Goal.

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