The future of Indian Manufacturing Sector: The Sight of Positivity

India is always known for exporting its services, however many doubt its capability to export manufactures, and that is the observation that our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has planned to change.

The ‘Make in India’ financial reform is focused on making the country a manufacturing center, and the system is putting it all out there to ensure great going for financial investors, by setting up a committed cell to resolve inquiries of business organizations in less than 72 hours.

Positive Impact on the manufacturing sector:

The Indian government will choose local businesses that have authority in the invention, innovation, and new technology. The idea behind this financial reform is to transform these companies into worldwide players & upgrade advanced & green manufacturing to ease out the businesses. The once so-called booming services departments are facing a downfall; however, it is the manufacturing division that has performed particularly inadequately by observing a growth of around 1.1% in FY12-13, trailed by a shrink of approx. 0.7% in FY13-14. 

Although India will require a great development in transport availability altogether followed by addressing the slanted transport mode blend, presently one-sided towards streets. Road construction will require elevating 5-fold to 30Kms per day from the present 6 km per day. The Indian Railways will likewise require constructing the capacity to remove over 3 times the existing traffic of both the travelers along with cargo by building rapid dedicated freight passageways and faster trains.

A bundle of Opportunities

The immediate benefit of the campaign for the manufacturing sector of India would be a generous increment in domestic consumption by customers in any market fragment. In the long-run, this will attract a good number of market players to expand the GDP which has the present average of 15% to an expected number of 25% in the upcoming years. 

Moreover, the production cost could go down as the import of spare parts, its obligations & timeline of importing materials, and the related taxes would descend radically from the present level. Certainly, Indian competitors can take a lead over other worldwide players in this challenge to make the most from the local market as far as ease of business and low cost of production is concerned.

An opportunity for Foreign Investors

It is quite evident for anybody to comprehend that it will be an incredible benefit for foreign investors to connect with the Indian domestic market & this financial reform. Beyond any proposed benefit in this financial reform, the world’s best research establishments of India and an astounding number of brilliant human resources effortlessly at low cost are the key vital parameters for foreign investors.

Although the disposition of increasing consumption in any fragment has elevated the capability of sales in the local market with regards to non-engineering departments including household appliances & FMCG. Simultaneously, engineering segments possess a lot of calibres to manufacture products & services with global standards. These can be the vital fronts for any foreign investor to consider working around the “Make in India” campaign.


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